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Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Lux Performance Arts is available for performance at your next event! Weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, or any other celebration. We will customize a beautiful performance piece and costuming to match your needs, leaving your guests with a memorable experience!

We offer both ambient performance and center stage performances.

Aerial Arts Performance

brittany aerial silks split balance

Aerial Silks - Solo

Liz and Brittany Duo Silks

Aerial Silks - Duo

Acrobatic Performance

We Offer

Center Stage Performances

For center stage performances, we choreograph show-stopping pieces to grab the full attention of your guests. These acts are shorter than ambient pieces (typically no more than five minutes) but more action-packed.

Ambient Performance

With ambient performance, our talented artists flow beautifully in the backdrop of your event to create an interesting and luxurious environment for your guests. These pieces are longer than center-stage performances, but are more slowly paced as our artists move fluidly to the ambient music.

Past Performances

  • Liz Brittany Silks Duo
  • Brittany Croc Hand Balancing
  • Brittany Hang Aerial Silks
  • Alexandria Sparkcon Aerial Silks
  • Valerie Aerial Silks

Booking Inquiries

Fill out the form below, call us, or email us directly with event details at We will contact you shortly to answer any questions you have, iron out the details, and give you an estimate for performance.

For faster quotes, call us directly at (919) 820-0281.

We look forward to helping you make your next event a true success!


Note: For faster estimate turnaround time, please be sure to provide a phone number. Cost is dependent on several factors, so we may need to call you for more information.